Day 20 Bow tie

My father, before he retired was an electrical engineer. When he was in school, he got to take 2 elective courses during the entire 4 years. Arts and humanities do not play a big role in an engineering degree. Now that he is retired, he is spending time doing what he enjoys, and what he missed when he was younger.

My father joined an Oratorio Society and they meet every week to practice singing pretty intricate classical pieces. They perform several times a year, and when they do, the men all wear their tuxedos and a black bow tie.  The one exception to this is during the Christmas season. Each year they perform Handel’s “Messiah”, and to be festive, the bow ties are red.

Although you would not know it to look at him, my dad has a little bit of a rebellious streak in him. The kind that will at least wear a plaid bow tie when everyone around him is in solid red.

This project also taught me that even with several diagrams, tying a bow tie is not the easiest thing to do.