I wanted to take a picture of these finished and hanging, but they are supposed to dry for a day.  I did take one out, hung it, and snapped one blurry photo before it broke and crashed to the ground, so more drying time will be in store for the rest of them.

Day 13 seed ornament

Mixing this up was easy. If you are the kind of cook who unconsciously licks messes off of their fingers, be warned… that behavior will have you spitting out tiny bits of birdseed for the next 30 minutes.

The original directions I had for these included unflavored gelatin, something I was sure I had,  but when I opened my cupboard this morning, there was no gelatin to be found.  I googled a bit and did find directions for a version without gelatin. The gelatin version would probably have a bit more cohesion than these, but I think once they are dry they will hold up much better.

Now I just need to find a spot to hand these outside to provide my cats with some kitty TV.