I have several sets of 10-inch precuts in my stash.They get pulled out occasionally, but they have been there a long time. My first quilt was made of 10-inch precuts.  Civil war reproduction fabrics, and I just sewed them together and added a plain border and pretty binding. Even in its simplicity, it is still one of my favorite quilts, maybe because it my “gateway” quilt, and I use it every night in the winter when our living room gets cold.

Day 11 Fabric Tray

I used 2 of the precuts in making this fabric tray. I found several sets of instructions. Some had ties on the corners so that they could be collapsed and stored flat. I could see using these as bread baskets or to hold things out on a picnic table. But for a desk tray, there was no need for storing it away, so I decided on the sewn corners method.

The instructions for this are simple, but this project involved trial and error. Or errors. It is hard to judge the height of the sides while sewing the corners, and I ended up picking out stitches more than once until I felt I had a good height ratio.   This one ended up with 1-1/4 inch seams at the corner.  I added the markers to give an idea of scale.

Instructions were found here: http://www.u-createcrafts.com/fat-quarter-fabric-trays-by-craftiness/