Several years ago on Earth Day, I made my first dishcloth with the idea to start using them instead of paper towels to cut down on waste. Dishcloths are the perfect size for me to practice a new crochet stitch since they are big enough to feel like I have learned it, Because of this, I have a drawer full of them  and really can’t justify making more unless we buy a new house with more drawers. A roll of paper towels lasts me forever now. I do still use them for certain kitchen tasks like draining bacon.

A few months ago, I made my first spiral scrubbie. I had been making scrubbies with tulle, but this pattern, while not complicated, was giving me problems, so I made a “prototype” with cotton yarn just to figure it out. When i was done, I realized that these little guys make a nice replacement for kitchen sponges, and can be laundered and reused.  So now I have a few of them, and want to have enough that I don’t run out in between doing laundry.  They are also great for using up the end of cotton skeins that you used for, oh, let’s say, dozens of dishcloths.