Today I was having crafter’s block. Nothing seemed to motivate me to start.  I have a few projects that are really simple, but I want to save them for days when I know that I am going to have very little time for TAD. Back in January I was cleaning and trying to organize my craft supply shelves.  I kept one box to the side where I would put items I thought I could use during February for Thing-a-Day.  I took a look through it today and found some cut out felt shapes.

I cut these shapes out years ago. Years. I think it must have been on a craft weekend with some girlfriends. They were folded up in a piece of tin foil–probably the only thing I could find in the house we where were staying. I am sure I had high hopes for them. Most likely beautiful hand embroidery and some batting to give them dimension. I probably put them aside because I had not yet learned the trick to cutting felt, and the edges are certainly uneven on them.

But today they became a lopsided pair of little bird ornaments. Machine stitched no less. While I was sewing I remembered that a few days ago, I saw the first robins back in my neighborhood. A sign that spring will eventually be here.