I have always liked the graphics that you see on large sacks of rice at Asian markets. I needed a large amount of rice last year to use for making rice hating pads, and have to say, I picked the rice based on the bag I liked the best. This has been sitting in my stash for a few months, with the idea of turning it into a bag.

It was a good time to make it because I can tell the needle on my sewing machine is starting to get dull, and I knew I would have to change it soon.  The woven plastic fabric was easy to sew, but the tiny popping sound it made with each stitch tells me it is probably not the best for keeping a needle sharp.

I also wanted to try boxed corners with this. The sack is a flat sewn rectangle, and rather than cutting it apart to add a bottom, I tried the boxed corner method.  This gives it a nice 6″x9″ flat bottom, perfect for using at the grocery store. TO make the handles, I cut a strip off of the top, hemmed it, and attached.