A bit of a mess

After running around all morning, and running around the house all afternoon, I finally got a chance to sit down and work on something.  Not a large window, my father-in-law would be dropped off shortly, so I thought I’d try to start some crochet.  I’m visiting friends over the weekend and I needed a portable project if I wanted to work on something at least a little bit each day.

I pulled out some yarn from my bin.  This yarn was bought second hand for a song, maybe a dollar a skein. It is so soft, a mixture of alpaca and silk. The color is kind of funky for me, not quite brown, not quite red, not quite orange, but the feel of it is heavenly.

I needed to roll it into a ball, and despite being very careful, it quickly, too quickly, devolved into a giant snarl.  I’ve been painstakingly unsnarling it. It is very delicate so too much pressure stresses the yarn. I am much farther along than the photo, but probably have about 20-30 minutes more work ahead of me.  For some reason, although I would prefer that the giant knots never happened, I don’t mind working them out.  I do it with my husband’s fishing lines too.

Hopefully I’ll be able to put hook to yarn before the day is over, but I am totally counting this as part of the creative process.