blue scarf

What a difference a day makes. After yesterday’s sleepy, no energy day, I was back to normal today. I decided to take another crack at this loom I’ve gotten.  I figure I need to keep using it otherwise the one item I made is going to be the most expensive craft item ever.

I decided to warp the loom in stripes. I am still just trying to get the hang of basic weaving, so visual interest is not going to be had with fancy stitches.  Warping a loom, not unlike prepping a room for painting, is long and sort of tedious. Part way through I was getting annoyed with it. Then I tried to go all zen and enjoy the process,  the preparation. I needed to curb my impatience to be able to start, and concentrate on each step of the journey.  It helped a little, but I am still an impatient crafter who like to get right to the creating part.

Today I used cotton yarn.  My test piece the other day seemed sort of stiff, and I wanted to see if using a different yarn would make a difference. I am also not beating it down with as much intensity as I did the other day.  You can see I still have a ways to go.  My edges aren’t loopy, but they don’t seem to be as even as they could be. Overall though, I’m happy with how this is progressing.