Today’s weather predicted 3-18″ of snow. That is quite a range.  So far it has just been flurrying all day so I have the feeling we will be on the smaller end of the scale.   I did take the forecast as an opportunity to decide I better not leave the house.

This morning, I finished the alpaca infinity scarf. Done with a cat on my lap it was a nice way to hunker down and ignore all the weather reports.


Having done a lot of crochet lately, I decided to try tackling assembling the loom I bought a couple of weeks ago. I was daunted by it since it came in a small box, not at all loom shaped.

Some assembly required

Some assembly required

I have to comment that the instructions could have used a few more diagrams, and I was glad there was a picture of the completed loom on the front of the box because I referred to it multiple times.  I also got completely baffled by 2 steps at the end, and took a short YouTube break and found some assembly demo videos that saved the day.  Once it was assembled, I decided to take the plunge and warp it. A quick trip back to YouTube, and I got that done.  I am not sure how well I did, but I am using one of the free skeins of yarn that came with the kit, so the first thing I make can be pure practice. Wish me luck!


Well begun is half done