I woke up to snow this morning.  Not much, but it was drizzling by the time the sun came up and that made for some heavy shoveling.  I went to the grocery store and it was deserted. Apparently, the night before it had been a mad house with everyone in my town feeling the need to pick up bread, eggs, and milk.  My new favorite shopping time is the morning of a tiny snowfall.

So yesterday I started a skinny scarf from some old alpaca wool I had picked up second hand.  Should I say “vintage”? Does that sound better?  My plan, after the walks and driveway were shoveled, was to tuck myself onto the sofa with a cat or two and have a day of crocheting.

Oh plans. How often they go in different directions.

My husband is a toolmaker.  For those like me before I met him who are not in the know, that means he makes the machines that make other things. His main background is metal.  But lately, he has been trying his hand at woodworking. New interests mean new tools, and today he asked me if I would help him assemble a jointer we had recently purchased on Craigslist. A jointer is a machine that takes rough lumber and squares off the edges so you have workable planks for projects.


This is what a fully assembled jointer looks like. Apparently,  I am a savant at assembling things.  Probably from my first apartment a la Ikea.

Once that was done, I did have some time to sit and work on my scarf. I ended up frogging out the skinny stitches I had done yesterday, and stared fresh with a wider width. This yarn is very fine, almost sock weight, and I am using a G hook in order to make sure it is not so airy that is folds up on itself. After using a lot of worsted weight acrylic yarns recently, I can’t get over the softness of the alpaca. It is a joy. And while I usually crochet so tightly my yarn has been know to squeak, I am finding that I crochet in a much more relaxed way with it.

I can’t wait until I get to wear it.