My husband is a first generation U.S. citizen.  His father, his 5 sisters and their parents came to this country from Germany after WW2.  They are all very German,which means order is important to them.  Today I spent the day cleaning the house–not my normal cleaning but “aunts are coming” cleaning. I found my self washing down walls and digging out gunk in places I don’t normally notice gunk.

This left little time to work on anything creative. I have realized that housework often takes second place to…well, anything else.

But once I felt it was was “Aunt worthy” I knew i needed to work on something.

Each year, my local 4H holds a giant used fabric and craft supply sale as one of their main fundraisers.  I have a standing date with one of my quilter friends and we come away form the sale with bags (BAGS!!) of supplies for very little money.  Since I have been on a fabric hiatus, Ive focused on the other supplies the past few years.

Several years ago, when I had first started crocheting, and had not graduated to anything beyond the inexpensive “big box” yarn, I brought home 2 skeins of grey baby alpaca yarn for something like $4 or $6 dollars.  I made my mother a scarf from one of the skeins, with fringe from the second, and fell in love with natural fibers.

Today I broke out what was let of the second skein and started a skinny scarf meant to loop multiple times to create a cozy infinity for me.

The yarn does not even have any info about hook size on it, that is how old it is, but I am using a G hook and can’s wit to see how it turns out.  Hopefully, I won’t be frogging it to create a wider width.