Today was going to be all about sewing. I was going to drag out the ironing board and machine first thing and get started bright and early.  I was going to make a dent on that quilt top. Today did not involve any sewing.

What happens to steal the time during a day?  A few errands that needed to be run in the morning ended up taking until noon.  A call from my sister-in-law as I was finishing lunch asking if I could come and check in on my father-in-law halfway though the afternoon since she had back to back appointments bisected my afternoon.  She is his caregiver and he can’t be left alone.

Lacking a nice block of time to dive into what I had planned, I decided to tackle something else on my crafty to-do list. I set out blocking a needlepoint.

This was my first attempt. Ever.  I finished this needlepoint years ago, and it probably took me more years than that to complete.  It was a journey.  I was half-way through stitching the background and realized I would not have enough yarn to complete it.  When I tried to buy more, I found that it had been discontinued in the United States several years before. Thankfully, I live in the age of the internet and managed to find a needlepoint shop in a small town in France that not only had a website (with a translate button on it), they had the floss, and they took Paypal.

So today, I carefully sprayed the entire thing, let it sit for 10 minutes to soften up, and actually blocked it. I do have to wait until tomorrow once it is fully dry to see if it worked. Fingers crossed.