Still trying to have a go at some of my half finished projects. Today, my creative journey involved deconstruction. I had a quilt top partially stitched together.  The original idea was to set the squares on point so they would run diagonally.  I was having problems with being out of squares, and not having enough to go all the way to every spot on the long edges.

Enter my most/least favorite tool

Hello old friend

Hello old friend

I have removed seams without one of these. Trying to pick out tiny stitches with too-large scissors only leads to heartache–or cuts in the fabric, sometimes both.  It is such a simple tool with simple design that does the job well. I normally grumble at it because it means I have made a mistake, I need to rip out, I need to redo, and as you can see by the photo I have sprung the extra few bucks for the ergonomic-handled one, it is a tool I use often.

Today however, it felt different, It felt like getting a new start on a stalled project.It felt good in the same way the demo part of a home renovation feels good.  You haven’t seen any progress yet, but you have removed the old to create a clean slate.

Tomorrow, the stitching begins.