Today, we were forecasted for rain all day, but early this morning, the rain hit some mighty cold roads and everything turned to ice. WhenI heard there was a 50 car accident on one of the highways near here, I decided to stay in for the day.

I mentioned before that I have the bad habit of having multiple “works in progress” or WiPs. Today seemed like a fine time to hunker down and plow through one of the projects that was half done.

I started this earlier this month, it knew I needed to finish it while it was still winter. It is going to a homeless shelter my friend’s church supports. I wanted to make a more masculine scarf. This tweedy yarn is brown, with gold, olive green and orange flecks. It is 90% wool, so it should be warm even if it gets wet. I also went down a hook size using a “g” to make the stitches nice and tight.