A few days ago, someone told me they were feeling “punkish”. I liked the description, not full out sick, but not feeling completely right either. Today was my day to feel punkish. There is something going around–referred to as “the plague” in my house, and I am hoping that this is not the start of it.

Rather than tackle my ongoing to-do list, I plopped myself on the sofa with some yarn. I had said I did not want to make another fish hat, it my cousin had made a few comments on Facebook about how much she wanted one, so off I went.

The good thing about allowing yourself a sick day, is that you can bang out a hat even with a two-hour nap in the middle of the day. I am trying to use scraps yarn for the tail and fins. I have a bag of sample pieces from the crochet classes I hVe taken, and today, needing something in a yelowish-gold, I started frogging one of these pieces.

I suddenly realized, that I did not need to frog the entire thing first, but crochet right off of the piece, unravelling it as I needed it. Small time saver for the win.

Here is the piece that is being slowly unravelled.