Rainy days and Mondays don’t always get me down. I had a list today. I needed to get three packages ready for the mail, I wanted to organize my craft room, and I had to keep up with my idea to work on something creative every day.

It was cold and rainy here. Wintery mix in the morning, and it made me happy I did not have to get in a car and drive to work. I spent most of the day organizing my craft room. This room also acts as the place where we shove everything when we know we have people coming to visit, so post-holiday it was pretty rough.

I did have the chance, finally at the end of the day, to put in a few more rows on the 36″ square I hade been working this weekend. Helping out today, a rare view of Trudy Cat. She is usually not a lap cat, but the cold, damp day may have influenced her.