I kept seeing yarn bowls at all of the craft shows I went to before Christmas. Good in theory, but only if you take the time to wind your skeins into balls before you start a project. I do not.

I did need something to prevent the cats from turning every skein into a new cat toy. I have woken up with yarn running from the living room, around several of the dining room chairs and into the kitchen too many times.

Back in the fall, I bought this sauerkraut crock in Lancaster, PA. It was in a hardware store where I often stop because it has things you can’t find in Philadelphia. I’ll be honest, I bought it because I really liked the little bird on the side of it, and I figured I could find somewhere for it.

It has been living next to the sofa for months. The tall sides make it perfect to hold a skein with out it jumping out, and I can feed the yarn over the arm of the sofa, or from the front…and easily move it when said cats decide they need some lap time. And something I have learned from working on this project which uses 5 different skeins is that it holds 3.

So now it has a useful role in my daily life. And the little bird still makes me happy every time I see it.