A friend of mine sent me a knitting pattern for a fish hat in her Christmas card. (http://www.deadfishhat.com/) and said she would really like one.  She’s rocking the hats these days after a second round of chemo treatments, so I wanted to help out, but I don’t knit.

The website above has a crochet pattern on it, but the stitches were non-standard and I worried about trying to follow it.  Or wanting to follow it. I really didn’t want to get frustrated and quit part way through this. A little googling later, and I found a pattern for a shark hat I thought I could modify.  One problem…it was on Ravelry.   Ravelry is a site I have avoided joining because my stash of unfinished projects is already larger than I would like it to be, but I decided to take the hit for my friend and join it in order to get access to the pattern. So far I have avoided getting sucked into the rabbit hole, but that is mainly because I’ve been hooking all day. It has helped that my husband has been home sick with a man cold and I’ve tried to do quiet activities to make sure he slept as much as he could. (our house is small and old and the floors are very creaky)

Here’s the progress so far.  I’m on row 26 of the body of the hat and have 17 more rows to go, plus making the fins and eyes. This would be a good scrap buster project making a colorful striped fish, but I didn’t feel like weaving in dozens of ends, so the body so far is from one skein.  The tail is from some left over yarn I had from doing scarves for Special Olympics a few years back. I am not sure yet if I will go for different color fins, or stay in the blue/green color family.

It is done in amigurumi-style crochet so there has been a lot of counting. A. lot. of. counting.  But I like it so far and I think it even looks like a fish.

Fish hat IP