I kept working on the brown tweedy scarf I spent time on yesterday.  Photos would look about the same, just with some additional rows, so no pictures today.

It is 5 days in to the new year.  This be “creative 365 challenge” I’ve given myself has not yet become a habit, and I need to stop myself from wasting time and sit down and work on something. I don’t know why because I am always happy once I start, and while I am working through the project.

This one especially is actually teaching me something in its simplicity. Row after row of double crochet using a hook one size down from the recommended gauge in order to have smaller stitches.  I often choose projects that are pretty forgiving, so seeing row after row of neat and even stitches has reminded me to slow down and to  enjoy the rhythm &order of the fabric as it forms.

I am currently out of work.  It is still strange to say that, or type it. This week will be three months. It was not unexpected as there ad been regular lay offs at my company for the past 6 years, and the number of employees had decreased by over 60%. And it is not a negative thing either.  I need a break in between jobs.  The environment and struggle over the past year took a lot of energy, and I knew that I would be short changing any new employer if I made an immediate jump.  Staying in a position that I knew was a bad environment until I was laid off  allows me the luxury of taking that break. It is just not part of my nature to be able to quit a job without another one. Sometime work ethics get in the way of living life.

I am looking forward to discovering what my next direction will be, but until then I value this time.